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A few fish came up to dries on the weekend. They were only small #flyfishing #rainbow #trout #flickandfly

North East streams: a few photos

Wood is good.

Wood is good.

Fishing on the streams North east of Melbourne is hotting up. Spring has sprung, the fish are active and are feeding willingly. They aren’t really looking up yet, but it wont be long.

Feisty bows

Feisty bows



Last time I fished the section of river we fished on Sunday I landed 20 fish from 20 strikes at one point in the afternoon. On Sunday, for me at least, it was the polar opposite of that.…

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Little brown #flyfishing #nymphing #browntrout #victoria #flickandfly

Fun day #flyfishing #rainbow #flickandfly

New blog post up- how to fool smart trout #flyfishing #flyfishingaustralia #trout #troutfishing #flickandfly

How to catch smart trout

A pinpoint 40ft cast (with a wooly bugger) was needed to tempt this midge obsessed trout.

Smart trout don’t exist. Trout are not smart. Smart trout are a myth. Smart trout are a myth made up by anglers trying to explain away how we get beaten by an animal with the brain the size of a pea time and time again. Trout are not smart. Calculus will always be well beyond their mental capacity. This does not mean they are not worthy advisories.

I get out-smarted by trout all the time.


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Sat down to restock a bunch of basic nymph patterns, hare and coppers and the like. Wasn’t feeling it and ended up spontaneously tying these articulated monstrosities instead. #flytying #flytyingjunkie #articulated #articulationnation #nymps #flyfishing #flickandfly

New blog up- we are off to New Zealand in December to chase trout! It should be a blast. In this post, I discuss planning the trip, specifically getting a guide #flyfishing #newzealand #trout #guide #flickandfly

Planning a fly fishing trip to New Zealand: get a guide

Lake Rotoiti...stunning.

Myself, Lee, Perrin, Nick, Brett and Danny are off to New Zealand in December. For most of us it will be our first taste of New Zealand’s famed fly fishing. We are currently  in the process of planning the trip. Deciding which rivers to fish, flies to take, equipment we will need and what not. We are also obsessively reading a load of articles about fly fishing in New Zealand. For first timers…

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New blog post up- birds eating flathead #fishing #fishingaustralia #eagle #birdofprey #flathead #hunter #flickandfly