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Cod on fly- the addiction begins

After following guy like Nick Kiepp from codscountry.com, Verty from Kaos cod flies, Ben from Hohnke hooks and Aussie fly fisheron various social media and being inspired by their cod on fly exploits, I finally jumped in and gave it a go. I’ve now had three afternoons happily chasing cod with the wand. The first attempt with Graz (who was fishing conventionally) wasn’t all that successful, but…

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Disco nymphs #flytying #flyfishing #flyfishaustralia #flickandfly

One of Mondays little trout #flyfishing #flickandfly #flyfishaustralia #trout #browntrout

On the way back from fishing yesterday we stopped off and collected some pine mushrooms. Delicious autumn bounty :) If your near melbourne they are in full swing at the moment #flyfishing #foraging #mushrooms

Aerial mahi mahi in Samoa #fishing #mahimahi

New blog post up. Southland on a budget by Andrew Collings. His advice seems to be no matter what get Chris Dore as a guide for a day :) #flyfishing #newzealand #trout #browntrout #chrisdore #fishing

Southland on a budget

by Andrew Collings

It was a cold night in front of the telly and for no apparent reason my partner Lyndsay was more engrossed in the TV than anything I had to say for myself.  It was one of those moments where the response to “I’m leaving you for the woman next door” would probably be a disinterested “that’s nice”.   I retreated to tie a few flies and then had a better idea.  I called out “Hey,…

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Nick fishing the carp hole. Dozens and dozens of at the nose refusals, no fish. Carp 1- humans 0 #flyfishing #flickandfly #flyfishaustralia #carp #carponfly #carpfishing

New blog post up- I have a bit of a go at lip grips. Here’s Dan demonstrating my preferred method for “lip gripping” most fish #lipgrips #catchandrelease #fishing #fishingaustralia

Lip grips- yay or nay?

Lip grips. Useful or harmful?

Lip grips. Useful or harmful?

Lip grips are useful little tools when handling fish. Used correctly they can aid in quick, safe releases. Used incorrectly or on the wrong fish they can also harm and even kill fish. So the question is how and on what species should we use lip grips? Or should we use them at all?

Firstly a little “science”. Most fish are relatively sensitive to damage, which can…

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