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The boys got into a bunch of small EPs on the Clyde over the weekend. None on fly sadly, despite considerable effort. Next time #estuaryperch #ep #fishingaustralia #fishing #flyfishing #flickandfly #boat

Brown and rainbow trout: how hot is too hot?

How hot is too hot?

How hot is too hot?

Following on from this post, inspired by discussion on the flystream forums, here I would like to talk about temperature tolerances of both brown and rainbow trout. While this is a seemingly simple question, like anything once you start looking at it in detail it gets a little more complicated. Firstly, there trout have an optimum or preferred temperature range as well as a…

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New blog post up- I wade into controversial waters and discuss the ineffectiveness of trout stockings in rivers and streams that already contain wild self sustaining trout populations #flyfishing #trout #troustocking #fisheriesmanagement #fishing #troutfishing #fishingaustralia #flickandfly

Courting controversy: Trout stockings in rivers and streams is a bad idea

The release of thousands of these into a well known Victorian trout river was fun at the time, but it probably won't be much good for the fishery as a whole at least in the short term.

The release of thousands of these into a well known Victorian trout river was fun at the time, but it probably won’t be much good for the fishery as a whole.

Stocking trout into streams is seen by many recreational anglers as somewhat of a panacea to the the poor trout fishing we had in Victoria last season. As I touched on in this post, last trout season was seen by many as a disaster. One of…

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One of Melbourne’s closest trout streams. A gorgeous place populated by small dry fly eating brown trout #flyfishing #flyfishaustralia #trout #browntrout #dryfly #flickandfly

New blog post up- Lee has written a rough guide to the trout streams of Canberra #fishing #fishingaustralia #trout #scenery #canberra

Trout streams near Canberra – a rough guide

DSC_0909Writing a post like this is difficult, as it’s sure to attract criticism. This criticism can be two-fold: firstly, anyone who fishes for trout wants to be the only one on the stream or river, and favourite spots are a tightly held secret. Added to this, Canberra has the largest population in the Murray-Darling Basin, and some of our streams attract a fair bit of pressure. Secondly, some people…

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We caught a load of these feisty little bows over the weekend. They put on quite the show #flyfishing #rainbowtrout #flickandfly

New blog post up- fly fishing as therapy #flyfishing #flycarping #carp #carponfly #flyfishaustralia #articulationnation #flickandfly

Fly fishing as therapy.

I didn’t have the greatest of weeks last week. I’m trying to finish a PhD and I’ve got this one little bit of lab work that needs to be done before that can happen. Last week I was up in Canberra getting ready to knock of the last of the lab work and break the back of the PhD so to speak. Once thats out of the way its just a bit of writing and I can hand the damned thing in and move on with my…

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