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New blog post up- Leasons from a lost leviathan #fishing #fishingaustralia #estuary #flathead #softplastics #southcoast #flickandfly

Lessons learned from a lost Leviathan

The classic fishing story is, of course, the one where the angler stretches out both arms and says “it was THIS big!”

In 2014, it is typically followed by a digital photo presented on a phone.  Tales about the ‘one that got away’ can be equally dramatic, although they rarely have photos to accompany them. While disappointing, losing a big fish can be a valuable learning experience. Firstly, we…

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New blog post up. Anyone else been stocking up on streamers for the #victorian #trout opening in a couple of weeks? #flyfishing #flyfishaustralia #articulation #articulationnation #browntown #fishing #flickandfly

Don’t forget your streamers

photo 1 (1)

After leaving the trout to breed in peace for a few months in a few weeks we finally get to harass them again (us Victorians do anyway, Tasmanians started a little while ago and the New South Welshmen will have to wait a month or so longer). In anticipation, I’m sure many of us have been stocking up on heavy nymphs and the like over the off-season, ready for an assault on our favourite stretch…

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New blog post up- DIY kayak wall mount #fishing #fishingaustralia #kayak #DIY #kayakfishing #hobie

DIY – Kayak wall mounted racks

Fishing kayaks are great.  They are light, relatively easy to throw on the roof of the car and open up vast areas of Australia that are impossible to get a trailer boat into.  Finding somewhere to store them however, can be a great big pain in the backside.

Ranging from 3 to 5 metres long, it is surprising just how many places around the house fishing kayaks don’tfit, especially if there are…

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Tuross. #winter #fishing #fishingaustralia #landscape #scenery #fish #nofilter #water

“Emergency” dry flies- three of my favourites

As you slowly wade up the river a trout rises. You take a guess at what the trout is eating, tie on a fly you think might work and make the cast. You get a decent drift but the trout ignores your offering. It rises again. The process is repeated and you change patterns. You cast again. Once again the trout refuses your fly but continues to rise happily. Its at this point, frustrated, searching…

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New blog post up- I discuss turning your beard into flies #flytying #flyfishing #flytyingjunkie #flyfishaustralia #fishing #nymph #nymphfishing #beard #beards #flickandfly

A use for a once loved beard. The beard fly.

This isn’t a fashion blog and I am definitely not a fashion blogger, so bare with me I discuss a fashion trend. The beard. Beards are cool. They are so cool in fact they have even started springing up on the faces of the decidedly uncool like myself. So revel in the beard revolution while you can, but remember it too will pass, like the handlebar moustache and mutton chops before it, the beard is…

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